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Which version of Asterisk? Have you looked for solutions to the root problem? I don’t run any servers with that many agents, but have never run into issues like this with a few dozen.

Large ring groups can become unwieldy and problematic themselves. There’s also a limit to how long the entire dial string can be, though I can’t remember what that size is.

You said everything is on a LAN, but have you looked at the possibility of issues between switches? Can you examine the logs of bad calls and see if the failures happen on a specific switch in the network, or other correlation like that? Do you use VLANs or layer 3 switching?

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  • Asterisk version

    Already checked the switches, no noteworthy port issues. no vlans used or layer 3 switching.

  • Have you considered switching the strategy to roundrobin or leastrecent?
    You could give it a very low agent timeout (like 5 seconds), so the caller doesn’t have to wait long if it has to ring a few people.

  • Hii,

    If you like to use ringall strategy only, then better use different ringgroup to fulfill your purpose.

    However, as a callcenter aspect, you should think of roundrobin or leastrecent strategy. It will solve your purpose also and give a better performance too by resources i.e. hardware and agents.


    Bharat Lalcheta

  • Hello Gregory, I wouldn’t say this is a typical scenario for using a ringall queue, especially if the agent set gets larger and larger. On the other side, a ringgroup won’t solve the issue of ringing all those phones at once. What I would be looking into, considered the motivation of your agents, is to split the system into more than one queue and send the calls randomly to each queue. If everybody is busy you get out and retry. This should not impact call answer times as long as you have 30/40 people available per queue – but your box will handle a fraction of the load and you can easily partition such a system on multiple boxes. Just my two cents, l.

    2013/3/28 Gregory Malsack