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I write some php code in AMI to working with asterisk command. I don’t know exactly what is the different between AMI and agi and witch one is better for my planning. Im planning to call party users that their number is is my panel on web. We have some operator and they can call party users via client softphone by clicking on their number, so they have to limited to call just listed number and restrict to call another number. how can do permission to this plan? and how can get stored call record in asterisk (IVR recorded voice)
via php programming (AGI is better or AMI).

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  • Hi,

    If your caller is using softphone then you can create a simple dialplan which consults a DB and verifies that the dialled number is in the allowed-caller-list and if the result is OK just let the call dial through. Use Mixmonitor() application in your dialplan to record this call at some location(file-path) and on Hangup insert the call related data into DB.

    This all can be done from within the dialplan
    (extensions.conf/extensions.ael) OR via any AGI as well.

    AMI has different purposes and, for starters, should not be confused together and compared.

    Thanks Sammy

  • *thanks to replay Sammy!
    But excatly I don’t know how can do it! connecting to DB via dialplan. **

  • Hi, Johan has referred you to a very good resource for doing that. Alternatively you can achieve this all by making an AGI in your preferred language.

    Thanks, Sammy