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I’m trying to convert from MeetMe to Confbridge and one part of that is handling the ending of a conference. So I’m taking the suggestion of originating a call to the conference and doing:

same => n,Playback(conf-will-end-in&digits/${WTIME}&minutes)

That crashes Asterisk (with no core dump!) in the default configuration.

When I run it manually, I see the error message:

Fatal (internal) error in kiss_fft.c, line 294: KissFFT: max radix supported is 17

If I “unload module”, everything works. If I playback files other than “conf-will-end”, it also works.

Two questions:

(1) Why is that codec being used in the first place?
(2) Why it is generating that error when it is?

This the Asterisk 10.7.1 release.