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Curious if others have run into this scenario, and can shed further light on it. I am working with an installed base of systems using PRI circuits from several carriers, and the symptoms I relate occur across the board.

Most carriers are restricting CALLING Number ID to be one of the numbers allocated to the associated circuit. This makes sense from a perspective of call-fraud prevention.

We have clients that used call forwarding or follow-me extensively, and configured to send the ORIGINAL callerID as the Calling ID, so when the call shows up on their cell phone, it appears to be coming from the originator. This capability seems to be going away.

Some legacy PRI carriers were not (and perhaps continue to be) so strict about it, and a recent client who was used to this feature, is now unhappy that their new PRI carrier does not allow any callingID other than one associated with the PRI.

A workaround or RNIE (Redirecting Number Information Element) has been recommended as an alternative, but that does not appear to be standardized, nor implemented in asterisk. The only PBX vendors that appear to support this in even a limited sense are Cisco and Shoretel.

I’m curious if others have encountered this same situation (I’m sure you have), or any other pertinent thoughts.

Thanks in advance!

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  • We have encountered it, and simply told the carriers to stop blocking it or lose the business. All but one did it, and we dropped their services. Don’t know that there’s a good work-around otherwise.

    Is there a reason you don’t just go all SIP, where 98% of the service providers will accept any CLID?