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So I’m working with our Digium D40’s and we’re not using DPMA.

This video ( ) shows presence information being displayed in the Contacts application. Obviously the video is showing DPMA in play. Is it possible to enable this functionality without it? Is this status information only available on higher-end Digium phones?

In the contacts XML data, I am supplying the appropriate parameters:

but I am not seeing the icons shown in the video at all. On the Asterisk CLI, I can run:
etc*CLI> core show hint 2003
2003@default : SIP/charrington_desk State:Idle Watchers 0
1 hint matching extension 2003

and Watchers is always 0 for all extensions.

Is there a separate way I can test subscribing for presence information? I
don’t even know, at this point, if it’s the phones or Asterisk.