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I have an asterisk server running and got a few queues configured. When a call comes to the server it redirects to the default IVR who offers the caller the options of which department they want to talk with, starting with the queue 1 (most selected). When the caller press 1 to be redirected the call simply hangs. When other queues are selected the call is transfered and the extensions are called.

I solved this problem creating another queue with the extensions of the queue 1 and configured to be redirected to this queue. This problem started do occur with no cause. Before this happens, the queue 1 worked fine for months.

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  • Without any information, there can be no solution.

    There is a link somewhere that suggests what information to include in a post, but I’m too lazy to look it up for you now.

    I’m just a 1.2 Luddite, but this is what I would do:

    1) Include the broken queue definition in queues.conf.

    2) Configure a path in your dialplan that will let you route a call to the broken queue.

    3) Start an Asterisk console, logging the session to a file (use the
    ‘script’ command). Bump up debug and verbose.

    4) Reload and see if you get a clue.

    5) Place a call to the broken queue and see if you get a clue.

    6) Place a call to the working queue.

    If you still haven’t uncovered any clues, post the contents of the console session after stripping out anything unrelated to the output from steps 4,
    5, and 6. Also remember to strip out anything you consider private like IP
    addresses and passwords. Include your OS flavor and version and your Asterisk version in the post.