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I have a CentOS 6.3 machine I installed Asterisk 11, worked fine…

I then tried to install on Cents 5.8, seemed to go fine… Then when I
placed a call I got this:
ast_rtp_instance_new: No RTP engine was found. Do you have one loaded?

Did a search and found issues with ARM and this problem but did not help me, not using gtalk or anything. Just call between two polycom phones on local network.

Tried looking at the config.log for rtp anything and it looks ok.

Anyone know what might be the issue?



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  • Jerry Geis wrote:

    Start by making sure the rtp engine module was compiled and added to your modules directory. If you are using default directories, you can do this with the following:

    $ ls /usr/lib/asterisk/modules -l | grep res_rtp_

    For me this shows two engine resources which register, those being:

    -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 990101 2012-12-19 15:25
    -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 207519 2012-12-19 15:25

    If those aren’t present, and especially if res_rtp_asterisk isn’t present, you’ll likely need use make menuselect to make sure they are enabled. If they aren’t fixing this could be pretty trivial. If they are, make sure you aren’t getting a build error when compiling.

    If they are present (and I’m kinda guessing they are), check Asterisk’s log messages for problems with registering the RTP engines. Specifically you are looking for log messages from rtp_engine.c which have a form similar to:

    RTP Engine ‘‘ failed sanity check so it was not registered.”

    Alternatively the register rtp engine function can fail if the engine is already in the list, but that seems unlikely. If that IS the case, you’ll have an error more similar to:

    An RTP engine with the name ‘name of engine>’ has already been registered.”

    I imagine you’ll much more likely see the first one though.

    I don’t think we’ve put much effort into supporting Asterisk on ARM
    platforms, so I don’t really know much about the specifics on why this would be failing. Hopefully the above helps though.

  • This is the error I get when trying to start Asterisk 11 on CentOS 5.

    Asterisk 11 works fine on my CentOS 6 box – I also verified that on CentOS 6
    I do not have the above mentioend file.

    ls /usr/lib64/libav*

    Is there another library it can use “instead” of libavformat? something I have installed on CentOS 6
    and not on CentOS 5?



  • Jerry Geis wrote:

    I’m not aware of what alternatives if any are available and for which versions of CentOS they would be available for… this sort of thing isn’t really something I have a great deal of expertise with. If I
    had to guess, the problem is that libavahi and libavformat is probably a dependency of pjproject/pjnath which is employed by res_rtp_asterisk Asterisk 11, though I’m not certain about that. You might be able to use the old res_rtp_asterisk by grabbing it from Asterisk 10’s source and making whatever tweaks are needed… but I wouldn’t recommend it.

    Is there some reason you can’t get the required libraries for CentOS5?
    Without knowing what the differences are between libs you have on the CentOS5 and CentOS6 machines… I really don’t have a lot to go on.

  • apparently long time back there was a ffmpeg from VLC on this machine. include files were still around etc… trying to clean it up and try again.