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Hi all,

I’m caught up in a struggle between people how can not make up their mind… Half way implementing a asterisk farm and they come up with another feature they’ve seen in kamaillo.

What he showed me was this: three registered sip users, a) one changes his presence status on his softphone, and all see the status change. b) one calls another, and the third person see the status of the other two change to “busy”.

I’ve seen code/dialplan snippets where you could change your status by dialling a specific extension, on which asterisk will react (and change some variables accordingly), but that is not what i’m looking for.

It seems that kamaillo has build-in features to react on sip-simple changes. Can i perform the same trick with asterisk? if so, how?


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  • In * this is done via “hints”. The devices register with * that they want to be notified when the status of what they want to monitor changes. We, when * knows that it is doing something with the device, *
    changes the “hint” status of said device and then sends the notification of status change to the awaiting devices.