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Hi all, I have a doubt. I have to create a Queue with 3 phones, these phones can be reached via two redudant Asterisk server.

I can pass a variable (the sip trunks) to the queue or should I do two queues with the different trunks?


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  • In my experience, you should set up two identical queues and configurations. With a little work, you should be able to let server 1 know the phone is in use by server 2 and vice versa.

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  • Ok. I solved with this configuration:

    into /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf

    exten => _ZXXX,1,NoOp( ** Into queue_from_central context ** )
    same =>
    same => n,Queue(call-center-${peer_up},c,,,60)
    same => Hangup()

    and into /etc/asterisk/queues.conf


  • We have a number of customers who use this approach with local or geographically distributed Asterisks and then use QM clustering to observe the system as if it was one single big box. Seems to work fine and it’ easy to set up and maintain. l.

    2012/12/14 Danny Nicholas