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I have a call recording (audio) requirement that isn’t addressed by local Monitor/Record features.

All signalling and media currently pass through the Asterisk servers, so that won’t be an issue.

Instead of locally recording audio, for certain calls I need to add what is effectively a 3rd leg to the in progress 2-leg call.

This 3rd leg is a SIP dial to a URI and/or PSTN number.

I’m thinking I have to do this with a conference bridge config and add a 3rd muted leg to the conference?


2 thoughts on - Call Recording Via 3rd INVITE/SIP Leg

  • Tom Browning wrote:

    If you don’t want to incur the overhead of a full blown conference bridge you can use ChanSpy to spy on a channel. It will provide a mixed stream of the incoming and outgoing part of the channel. So essentially use Originate to call your 3rd leg and then have it execute ChanSpy with the correct criteria to get to the right leg.