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Most of the time my phone line are working OK but at time to time when I run:
asterisk -rx “core show channels” it show:

Channel Location State Application(Data)
SIP/pstn-4444-000000 (None) Up AppDial((Outgoing Line)) SIP/pstn-9998-000000 7807586576@internal: Up Dial(SIP/97807807586576@pstn-4
2 active channels
1 active call

even though nobody is using any line. I’m using Audiocodes gateway.
Does it have anything to do with “disconnect supervision” on analog line in Audiocodes gateway?

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  • How do I do that?

    Notice, that this channel hang-up/disconnect does not happen all the time, only once a while could be once a day or once a week.

  • In /etc/asterisk/dahdi.conf, check your answeronpolarityswitch and hanguponpolarityswitch lines. If they aren’t present, the default values are being used. If they are, tweak them and restart asterisk and dahdi. I
    do this – service asterisk stop; service dahdi restart; service asterisk start.

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  • You need to look at the device which the analog lines plug into. There is nothing to change in Asterisk for this issue.

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  • If you are using an analogue/sip ata, then the problem is on the ata. Run a packet capture and you’ll see the invite coming from the ata without nobody using the phone…

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