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Hello List,

Since I’m looking for a new VoIP provider for US origination/termination, I
will very appreciate if you can chare your experience with Flowroute, Vitelity and

Thanks in advance!

Elder D. Arohuanca dCAP 1497
Lima – Peru

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  • Vitelity is reliable and decent, but no phone support. Have not used the others.

    Oh also if you lose a number on Vitelity to a port-out, they won’t know and won’t stop billing you for it.

    What’s your expected volume in/out?

  • Several in our group use and have no complaints at all

    We had a few hickups when Sandy rolled through NYC ( we are all on the NYC server ) but responded quickly to mirror to Seattle and there was little downtime, and what was lasted a very short time on one day. was very responsive during this time

    We all also use the IAX protocol supported by and have no complaints

    John Novack

    Daniel – Asterisk wrote:

  • At 02:22 PM 11/29/2012, you wrote:

    I started using Flowroute in Jan 2009 and have been very happy with their service. I’m small though, $5 to $20 / month with 2 numbers. On the very few times I’ve called with problems, mine or theirs, they’ve always been both helpful and knowledgeable, more than I might expect for someone my size.


  • Port out means a number was ported to another carrier.

    10k minutes is not huge but a decent number that should get you a reasonable rate with the carrier of your choice. Vitelity is a good fit for that size. I can’t say they are better than the others because I
    haven’t used them, but we had a few hundred DIDs and probably did 50k minutes with them at one point. As we’ve grown we have moved to others
    (we’re around half a million min/mo now).

  • Daniel – Asterisk wrote:
    PORT out = Port or move the number away from a provider

    Seems this provider is unaware that one may have moved the number to another provider, and continues to charge when they no longer have the number.

    One has to wait until the port is complete and successful to cancel the previous providers account. It seems the user needs to cancel the account with the mentioned provider

    John Novack