No Matching Peer For ‘callerID’ From ’85.xx.xx.2:5060′

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Hi list,

I face the following problem on incoming calls from my provider which uses Asterisk, our asterisk being Incoming calls are not sended to the context set in provider sip.conf definition, but are going to the default context setted in [general].

Provider uses few IP’s for incoming calls which are not the one used for register.

Here are the logs:

[2012-11-26 14:18:45] VERBOSE[1785] chan_sip.c: — (15 headers 22
lines) –

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  • Administrator TOOTAI wrote:


    You will need to create separate SIP peers that match on each IP address and direct them accordingly to the correct context. A secondary option is to enable anonymous guest support, but I would not recommend that as it can pose a security risk.


  • Hi, If were on this subject I’ll throw in my question

    Does named acl lists in asterisk 11 help for this or only for registrations?


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