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I am running Asterisk 1.4.43 on a really small network for testing, all on same switch. I launch a MeetMe between my server and 5 asterisk clients that are all on 10 foot network cables all connected to the same switch. The meetme is fine everything is in sync…. Then I reboot one of the clients. When it reboots I automatcially bring it back into the conference. however now its not really
“in sync”.

I’m trying to understand why that might be??? I thought it would. The conference is a listen only conference. Its not “off” or out of sync by much – but it is noticable.

Is there anything I can do to make that audio more in sync all the time?


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  • Jerry Geis wrote:

    By not “in sync” do you mean that there is a delay between when the speaker speaks and when the client hears it?

    There’s always going to be some amount of delay. It takes time to encode the audio, send it, mix it (in this case), receive it, decode it, and have it pass through a jitterbuffer (which by definition of being a buffer introduces delay).

    How much of a delay are you hearing?


  • Josh,

    I am using a “source” file so its not speak live voice. when I say “not in sync” I don’t care about a delay per say – its that 4 out of 5 of the clients are saying the same thing at the same time and the one I rebooted is just slightly “off” not identical to 1-4. So I have 5 clients where the hardware is identical, on the same switch, same length network cable, etc… I reboot one unit so even though it goes away and then rejoins the MeetMe – I would think that the server is still sending out audio at the same time as the other 1-4
    units and would take the exact same amount of time to decode and all that and should be “in sync” with clients 1-4.

    again – dont care about delay – was just expecting the 1-5 units to all be in sync.