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I’m trying to get Incoming google Voice calls to ring on my Iaxy. I’m using Asterisk 11.0.1. Based on the the following configurations can someone help me figure out why incoming Google Voice calls are not ringing on the Iaxy?

# Relevant rtf.conf section
rtpend 000

# Relevant motif.conf section
context=incoming-motif disallow=all allow=ulaw connection=google

# Relevant xmpp.conf section
type=client secret=MyPassword priority=1
usetls=yes usesasl=yes status=available statusmessage=”I am an asterisk server”

#Relevant iax.conf section
type=friend username=iaxy host=dynamic secret=IaxyPassword context

7 thoughts on - Google Voice Routing

  • Chris Datfung wrote:


    Did chan_motif successfully load? If it didn’t it would not attach itself to your Google account, so incoming session creation attempts would be ignored.

    Are there additional parts to your configuration files?


  • Hi Joshua,

    How can I verify that chan_motif successfully loaded? I didn’t see any errors during the build process.

    I ran make examples after I installed asterisk, so the rest of the configuration files are what ever defaults are normally created.

    Thanks, Chris

  • Chris Datfung wrote:

    You can manually load it using “module load” and it will say if it has been loaded or the error if it could not be loaded.

  • Hi Joshua,

    I can confirm that chan_motif succesfully loaded:

    asterisk*CLI> module load Unable to load module Command ‘module load’ failed.
    [Nov 26 09:04:33] WARNING[28686]: loader.c:868 load_resource: Module
    ‘’ already exists.

    I restarted Asterisk but Google Voice calls are still not forwarded to my iaxy. Any other ideas how to debug this?

    Thanks, Chris

  • Chris Datfung wrote:

    Nothing else immediately springs to mind I’m afraid. Everything looks as though it should be working and I’ve checked the code to make sure the session initiation is proper. I’ll see if I can reproduce this over the next few days in my spare time.

    To others using chan_motif – are you experiencing the same issue?


  • Jean-Denis Girard wrote:

    The signaling you’ve posted isn’t actually from Google Voice, it’s from Google Talk. While they both go through the Google XMPP server the signaling is far far different.

    Just right now I tested both a Gmail client calling into Asterisk and Google Voice calling into Asterisk. Both are working as expected for me. This narrows things down to the following:

    1. Configuration issue as has been discussed for both of you
    2. Google Talk client changes that chan_motif isn’t tolerant of yet
    3. Google Voice gateway changes (limited to some) that chan_motif isn’t tolerant of yet

    It’s probably #1 >_> but I have nothing to immediately suggest, I’ll keep thinking and looking.