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Good Day dear members,

We are trying to test Asterisk in our office to extend the reach of our present proprietary pabx system if successful. I am using an oracle virualbox 4.2.4 as the virtual server platform with ubuntu 12.04.1 server as the operating system. I get errors while trying to compile Libpri 1.4.13. (check attachment}
Can you guys please help me prescribe a fix.

thanks Adolphus Enaboifo

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  • Hi Dear List members ,

    this is coming rather late but I took your advice and went ahead to install Dahdi before installing libpri-1.4.13
    and the error messages are now different.(see attachment)
    Kindly help . I have tried this several times and I get stuck on Libpri installation. Your input is highly sought and appreciated.


    Adolphus Enaboifo

  • 2012/11/19 Shaun Ruffell

    My installation scripts were designed to build things this way:
    libpri dahdi-linux dahdi-tools asterisk

    Is it now requested to build this way ?
    dahdi-linux libpri dahdi-tools asterisk

  • Yes. Previously, the libpri utilities were not built by default. Now they are. It is the utilities that have the dependency on DAHDI. It makes more sense to build from the ground up anyway.

    dahdi-linux \__ Hardware level drivers and utilities dahdi-tools /
    libpri – Layer 2/Layer 3 protocols asterisk