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I think “I” have a race condition.

I am running something like this in my dialplan

call agi to bring my “list” of devices into my MeetMe Playback beep start MeetMe()

So in fact the meetme is not started before I bring the list of devices into the meetme.

How can I do this differently so the MeetMe is started first or how can I wait in my AGI on the MeetMe to start because the MeetMe wont start until I exit the AGI…

– or how do I in the dialplan wait for for the Meetme because I
do have a stage where I redirect the Call into the MeetMe. so how do I inject a line that waits there for the MeetMe to be active???



2 thoughts on - Meetme Race Condition

  • Jerry Geis wrote:

    Can you clarify what you mean by “MeetMe to be active”? What MeetMe options are you using and what is your configuration like? With the proper combination of options it shouldn’t matter who gets into the conference bridge first. This is what Page essentially does, with the difference being that only the channel executing Page() can talk. If that behavior is what you are trying to accomplish I suggest you use that instead.


  • Josh

    Well I’m not sure whats happening then. I run the situation and test 100 times, my seven devices (all running asterisk 1.4.43)
    99.9% of the time join the conference. One in 100 times- one of my seven devices did not join the conference.

    I am trying to figure out why.