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Hi all,

Is there a simple way of disabling regular expressions in the dialplan?

Reason for asking, is that people hate to remember numbers. So i want to use there full smtp address as as their extension.

In stead of “12345678” i would like to use “b.c.o.grimm@minoss.nl”
But afaicr the dots will cause problems….


3 thoughts on - Disabling Regular Expressions

  • If your extension does not start with an underscore, it is not considered as an extension pattern. Correct me if I’m wrong please!


  • 2012/11/15 Frederic Van Espen

    I think this is true but maybe, the OP would like to define patterns such as .@foo.com. Then, introducing both the leading underscore and any dot should produce undesirable results, if I’m nos mistaken.