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Has anyone been able to configure Asterisk to work over 3G?

I bought Nokia Cell Phones just for that purpose and they register fine over WiFi and 3G but the quality is just not good enough and sometimes the call just disconnects.

I have Allow as:
ilbc gsm ulaw alaw

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  • VoIP does not work reliably over 3G. I’ve had best success with g.729 but it’s still not great.

  • I wouldn’t expect any cellular connection to pass VoIP reliably. Think about it. The phone call is on the same airwaves but is prioritized. The data gets the lowest priority. Again, all my testing has left me using only g.729 when I really need to do VoIP over cellular, but it’s never been perfect.

  • G729 requires a paid license right? If I wanted to test it using G729…do I still have to buy a license for it?

    My goal is to use my cell phone for Text

  • It’s a $20 license, dirt cheap.

    If your goal is to simply save the $45/mo it costs for a full unlimited plan, you’re wasting a lot of time and energy.

  • Why would you always want to be connected to the VoIP system? Just do concurrent ringing to the cell number like almost everyone does. Yeah, I
    wish the VoIP over cell data fantasy worked also, but it really doesn’t, as far as I’ve seen and heard. Particularly while moving.

  • Believe me, there is a method to my madness that I didn’t want to get into but here it goes.

    I want to get this to work reliably even with low quality and bandwidth so I can install VOIP Phones at my vacation rental properties that can only get 4G or low speed Satellite with only 128k upload. I went up and stayed at one of the properties and bought my ATT 4G
    Elevate device just to test it out over VOIP at the cabin and I got 2
    bars and my Nokia connected and registered over SIP…but calling was garbled.

    I am currently providing VOIP service for incoming calls on an 800 DID
    Number that forwards the call to the Owners Cell Phones and thats fine but I do pay for outgoing calls per minute. I would much rather have my VOIP System connect all of the properties and Owners together without having to forward incoming calls out.

    I was hoping someone had the same idea and was successful using 3G or 4G.

    Co-op Vacation Rentals http://www.coopvr.com
    15218 Summit Ave Suite #300-354
    Fontana, CA 92336
    Phone/Fax (855) 760-COOP (2667)

  • Quite often, telling people the core problem can lead to better solutions. I assumed you wanted mobile, but fixed cellular could work for this.

    128 upload is no problem, but latency on geosynchronous satellite is horrible. Pretty much not usable for voice. LEO satellites like Iridium and Inmarsat work, but are VERY expensive.

    Have you checked out the new Dish network satellite internet service? I
    haven’t used it, but the specs look great and the price is cheap.

    What you need is an external antenna, possibly a directional one if you know the general direction of the cell tower. Wilson makes some great amplifiers and antenna systems. I use a Wilson amp on my boat with a tall omni marine antenna, and it lets me make calls over VoIP where there would otherwise be no signal (they are choppy but usable).

    There is some controversy on the “best” CODEC, but my experience is that g.729 is best on low-quality connections.

  • I know this isnt an exact solution the way you want. But if cutting down on cell phone costs is the goal what I’ve done in the past is if you just setup 1 DID with DISA you can put that DID on your cell phones friends and family and then you have unlimited minutes.

    I wouldnt plan on too much success trying to run a time sensitive service over a network is that de-prioritized by the carrier.

    just my 2 cents