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Hey guys and gals-

Right now, I’m using FreePBX to handle providing voice services to a handful of customers. However, it just isn’t cutting it for features, billing, customer access (portal stuff), etc. What do you recommend? Is there an ITSP portal/panel/platform available for running an ITSP with Asterisk?

Features I’m interested in:

-Ability to sell traditional hosted PBX services (handsets register) as well as ‘trunking’ (PBX registers)
-Portal access for customers for things like call forwarding, routing management, billing access, CDRs, maybe even configuration of service such as codecs/protocol
-LCR for multiple providers/ratedecks/routes
-Full support for both SIP and IAX2

Also, looking for something with built in failover as I’d like to have a replicated system in a second colo facility to handle calls if one colo is down.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Product examples? Am I dreaming and nothing like the above exists?

Sorry for the x-post between lists, hoping to get the largest number of responses from all who frequent here.


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  • Hello Marshall,

    Please see Enswitch:

    It provides everything you ask for except full IAX support (we recommend SIP for client connections) and full control of codecs.

    It also supports much much more, such as billing, invoicing, payment collection, etc, etc. The PBX features and billing are truly integrated, and truly multi-tenant at the application level. It runs on highly scalable and fully redundant clusters. Failover between sites is supported given a suitable network, and a couple of our customers are doing this. Many of our customers have come from an environment where they’re providing hosted PBX services with multiple instances of a PBX
    product such as FreePBX, and who want to expand to something that supports tens to tens of thousands of customers with hundreds to hundreds of thousands of users. The largest system has over 150,000
    users. We also have some customers using Enswitch as a corporate PBX for major institutions (such as financial services companies) who have users distributed across many sites.

    If interested, please drop me an email off-list and we can discuss system sizing, pricing, support, etc.

  • We have also used enswitch from Integrics and I totally recommend it. It does all the things you ask for and some more.

    Regards, Ali Pey