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Hi, I’m testing out a server with Asterisk on it. I’m experiencing static occurring on almost 90% of calls on this particular server. All test phones are using SIP, and calls to/from PSTN servers are delivered using IAX2.

I have other production servers running 1.4.x that do not have this issue that use the same PSTN connections. I haven’t seen any ethernet errors or anything like that. Load is minimal since this is still a test server. The server itself has 16GB of RAM and Dual Quad Core Xeon E5345s.

I’m sort of baffled as to where to start looking for the root cause of this issue, but it appears to be isolated to only this machine.


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  • You might have an A-law/u-law mismatch in the audio path. That kind of mismatch sounds like static on the line.


  • Hmm, would translation from ulaw -> gsm cause that as well?
    I noticed in 1.8 apparently iax2 allow=ulaw is off…

    — James

  • I would recommend you try SIP and lock out all CODECs on both sides except ulaw. See what happens.

    We’ve had this problem both because of CODED mismatch and just due to IAX’s many many bugs.