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I am using 1.4.43 currently.

I am using the AMI to originate a call over a SIP Trunk to my cell XXX506YYYY. works fine. when the call is active I do a “core show channels concise” and I get:


My AGI is called smvoice. No place does my number show up. How do I “lookup” my call so I can “hangup” the call at a later time.

In my case there my be more than one call active at a time, and I want to hangup the correct call. I know I need the data “testsystem-00000ad0” to cancel my call but how do I “associate” that with my number so I can find the right call to hangup.



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  • Since you’re using sip, use sip show channels and pick the call-id from there.

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  • Since you’re using AMI to originate the calls, you should then also be able to add an ActionID to the originate command. You should then be able to lookup the call in AMI using the ActionID.

  • I would not know if this is something that can be helpful to you, but in WombatDialer we associate a channel variable to with an unique-id to each call, so that we can reattach to a set of calls if the AMI connection goes down and we can be absolutely sure that what we are looking at is the call we think it is. It is not really expensive to do – just a GetVar per channel to mek sure our assumptions are correct.

    2012/11/7 Jerry Geis