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Hello everybody,

A client wants to install a FreePBX infrastructure, but have all calls forward to their cell phones rather than buying VoIP phones.

They would be doing SIP trunks over a Comcast business line. Probably maximum 6 simultaneous calls.

Any gotchas we should warn them about?



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  • I use Flowroute as my VOIP provider and this is exactly what I do with all my clients. No problems except it cost me an inbound/outbound connection each time which costs .02 = .01 inbound/.01 outbound per minute instead of .01.

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  • What a waste of effort, bandwidth, and money. There are a dozen services out there that can do this far more efficiently and for a lot less money. You will be using bandwidth in both directions and double the channels
    (one call in, forwarded call out). It will increase the latency by a lot and the chance of call quality problems is huge. Call in over a cheap cable connection, call out on the same, then over a cell.

    Concurrent ringing with cells is popular and makes a lot of sense since you primarily typically answer on the desk phone. If it’s just forwarding, then just use a forwarding service which will cost less and not introduce the extra cable network layer.

  • Yes, the cells could be used as SIP softphones; do you see a benefit to doing that?

    The reason the client wants to do this is to avoid spending money on Ethernet cabling and VoIP desk phones.