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I wonder if digium provides support for Asterisk OpenSource versions as an anual fee or something?

For example, if i download Asterisk 1.8.X (Certified or not…) can i buy support from Digium to maintain and help on possible future problems in my configuration?


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  • Thanks Andrew,

    But i’m quite confuse with the following:

    *Q: Does Digium offer SLA guaranteed support for Asterisk?*
    *A:* Yes. Digium offers SLA guaranteed support, to SLA-entitled customers, for the Certified Asterisk branches. Digium does not offer SLA guaranteed support for other branches or releases.

    Just for Certify Versions of Asterisk? What does SLA means “exactly”?

    For example, if i install a FreePBX/Elastix (i’m not a good friend of these systems, but customers always ask for a web interface for management) to a customer, can i buy support from Digium for the Asterisk Release used? It would be nice to now the scope and limits of this support


    2012/11/3 Andrew Latham

  • I’d be very surprised (no, actually, I’d be *amazed*) if Digium were prepared to provide support on a product from a third party, which is what FreePBX and Elastix effectively are.

    Kind regards,


  • Digium offers a range of support options for Asterisk systems, regardless of whether you use a GUI (like FreePBX) or not. We do not provide support for the FreePBX software… but we can support Asterisk even with FreePBX in place. SLA stands for Service Level Agreement and is the highest tier of support.

    Since this is the asterisk-users list and not asterisk-biz I’ll E-mail you directly for further discussion. asterisk-users is not the place for a discussion of commercial support options.