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If I issue a “dialplan reload” and some AGI starts as its reloading and “directs” something into the diaplan that is still reloading

what happens????

I presume my context is not there?

What I see is the diaplan is messed up somehow and I goto the default context then after that it is messaged up until I stop and restart.

How do i prevent this from happening?



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  • Hi Jerry, From the Asterisk CLI, enter the command “core restart when convenient”, this command will restart asterisk only when there is no incoming call, and when it will close all outgoing calls. With a restart of asterisk should reload all the information:
    extensions, sip, agi, iax, voicemail, etc.


    Il 01/11/12 23:30, Jerry Geis ha scritto:

  • Danilo,

    Ok – but then what if a call comes in “while” it decides to reload – or if an AGI is started “while” it decides to reload – Sure there is nothing happening at that moment – but lets say “right” after it decides that its “convenient” and before its done – something gets started.

    What to do about that?


  • Sorry to step in here but I think the 2 of you are talking at cropp purposes

    I initial query was about a dialplan reload, not an asterisk restart.

    Jerry, how long does your system take to perform a dialplan reload?
    surely it is under a second.

    If you look in the logs, at the end of any dialplan reload (well in 1.8
    at least) you will get some time stats such as below

    [2012-10-29 00:10:03] VERBOSE[19096] pbx.c: — Time to scan old dialplan and merge leftovers back into the new: 0.000041 sec
    [2012-10-29 00:10:03] VERBOSE[19096] pbx.c: — Time to restore hints and swap in new dialplan: 0.000003 sec
    [2012-10-29 00:10:03] VERBOSE[19096] pbx.c: — Time to delete the old dialplan: 0.000004 sec
    [2012-10-29 00:10:03] VERBOSE[19096] pbx.c: — Total time merge_contexts_delete: 0.000048 sec

    As you can see in this example it takes under a ten thousandth of a second.

    Is that something to really be concerned about?



  • Actually my mistake – looks like based on “my code” certain things happen and I issue two “dialplan reload” commands. So the second is killing the first. Then asterisk looses information.

    So certainly I should not be doing that – but I’m surprised asterisk lets another reload happen before the first is complete.