Building Robust VoIP Solutions With Asterisk and PyroCMS

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If you have not read about PyroCMS before, from the website: “it is a simple, flexible, community driven Content Management System built with the PHP framework CodeIgniter.”

What makes PyroCMS different to other CMSs around there is that it does not try to solve all problems ever imagined by mankind. It goes straight to the point of being a “basic” website out of the box and a big part of anything more complex.

Is the “… anything more complex” what really catches my attention. Being CodeIgniter based, PyroCMS can be used to build applications that integrates with Asterisk in a very easy way through Asterisk AMI interface by developing a simple library that handles Asterisk commands. Other important aspect is that you can use PHP based scripts in order to control the dialplan logic.

In the next few days I’ll try to take out some time and post some articles about how to address the previous topics mentioned before (I might be including material about using Twilio with PyroCMS as well). Meanwhile, you can visit PyroCMS website and start getting used to it. You might also want to check CodeIgniter’s homepage in order to know more about the framework.

See you around.