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Hello everyone,

I’m having an issue installing AsteriskNOW 2.0.2 on a Dell server. When I
go to intall it, with BIOS legacy mode for partition tables, I get as far as setting pu the partition tables. However, the installer then informs me that GPT partition table schemes are required and that I have to resolve the issue.

I changed from BIOS/MBR/Legacy mode to GPT/UEFI boot mode but then the installer fails to install. Upon investigation it seems that this is a fault of the CentOS installer. There must be a work around to this issue since it seems that the partition tables require GPT mode but the installer for the x86_64 disc don’t support UEFI mode.

Does anyone know of a work around or solution to this problem?

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  • What makes you think CentOS is at fault?

    How big are your partitions? The only reason CentOS requires GPT is if you have a partition larger than 2TB.

    If your partitions are not over 2 TB then you do not need GPT. The 2TB limit is not a CentOS limitation. It is a limit of the msdos boot block. This also affects Windoze.


  • Thanks,

    I had to run the disc in rescue mode and run fdisk. This allowed me to create a new partition table in MBR/Legacy mode. This resolved the issue. It was a 500GB disk that previously had FreeBSD on it.

  • CentOS has a known bug in it’s installer that will not allow the install disc to be run in UEFI mode. They had to re-release their x86_64 version of 6.3 to resolve the issue. It’s on their website. I had figured the latest CentOS – 6.3 – was being used instead of 5.8.

  • The issue was that the disk was already in GPT mode. I had to convert it to MBR/Legacy mode.