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I am trying to track down a white noise problem we are having in our conference rooms. If there are 3 or 4 users in the conference the quality is good. After we get more users in the conference we develop a white noise that gets louder as more users come online. I have tried both meetme and confbridge. I am running compiled from source.

Can anyone provide some insight on where to look or anything to tweak to resolve this?

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  • Gary,

    It sounds to me that this issue might relate to the quality of the hardware.

    Anyway, to analyze/solve the problem you can do the following:

    Install PBXMate. Modify your dial-plan to route conference-bridge calls, to go to the PBXMate. So the flow will be:Phone->PBXMate (Sip Trunk) -> Conference Bridge.

    Now, for each call, the PBXMate will show you the noise level on both sides, i.e. the noise level going upstream to the conference bridge and the noise level going down-stream to the phone.