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Currently running version and trying to manage confbridge rooms and users. When I try to use the confbridge cli command I get a command not found error.

CLI> confbridge No such command ‘confbridge’ (type ‘core show help confbridge’ for other possible commands)

I’ve tried googling this but did not get anywhere. How can I enable the confbridge commands?


One thought on - Confbridge Command Not Found

  • Gary Carr wrote:

    Well, first of all, Asterisk 1.8’s version of confbridge doesn’t register any CLI commands for confbridge. You need to be using version
    10 or higher to get those commands. Aside from that, it’s worth noting that even if you have the right version of Asterisk, just ‘confbridge’
    is still not a CLI command and you can see the various confbridge commands by attempting to tab complete confbridge (type ‘confbridge’, don’t hit enter but do hit tab once or twice and see what gets listed).

    I hope that helps.