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Hi all,

For one of my inverstigations it looks like i’m back to “square one”

I’m trying to accept an incoming XMPP call and forward it conditionally to a sip, isdn, or voicemail. No google is involved as i use a local xmpp server (ejabberd)

I was experimenting on (with jabber.conf, jingle.conf), but some suggested me to have a look at asterisk11,so i did…

I downloaded and built 11-beta1. Edited (according to the asterisk11 wiki-page) extensions.conf, chan_motif.conf, jingle.conf and restarted.

Same behavior, except for minor details. As soon as I start, ejabberd tells me that the defined user becomes online. in motif.conf
(This is actually progress, as in I saw only empty strings coming along 😉

But when starting an audio or an AV-call, I only see the xmpp-debug message (used to be jabber-debug-message). Within de xmpp-message I see the capabilities (samplerate, codecs, address, port) from the jitsi-client.

Although I made a separate context in the dialplan, it seems never to get there: hence no answer 🙁
Eventhough I explicitly point to them in xmpp.conf and jingle.conf…. So my client remains in “connecting” for ever….

Other suggestion were to look at the xmpp server. However, i got three client-machines (two Ubuntu-12.04, one XP) all are installed with Jitsi (xmpp-client) and multiple accounts that are registerd on ejabberd. All of them can place jingle-calls to each other:
so nothing wrong with the xmpp-clients or the xmpp-server.

The fact that i see on the cli xmpp-debug messages ariving when trying to connect, or sending text messages indicates that asterisk is seen by xmpp-client/server.

But i seem to be be missing something some vital config, as asterisk does not respond at all at those incoming trafic.


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  • Hans Witvliet wrote:


    I personally am using Openfire but have this exact scenario working fine, so it does indeed work.

    The files used for res_xmpp and chan_motif are xmpp.conf and motif.conf respectively.

    This means your res_xmpp is correctly configured.

    chan_motif is what handles this and it sounds like you don’t have it correctly configured. If it’s not correctly configured the incoming messages go unhandled. What are your two configuration files like (minus passwords)? Only the specific contexts are needed.