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Any ideas on how Asterisk could accept an email (such as an email to SMS or “” sort of thing) and make a phone call to a specific number and make an announcement?

I imagine the first part is the big question.

joe a.

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  • Joseph Acquisto wrote:

    Stuffing this logic into Asterisk really isn’t practical. You can write something external that is invoked when receiving an email (this depends on the mail server in use) or something that continually checks for new email in a mailbox. Once received you would parse it as appropriate and use one of the available mechanisms of Asterisk (CLI originate, AMI
    originate) to initiate the call.

    All the pieces exist, you just need to put them together.

  • If you’re using sendmail and receive e-mail directly to your box, you could create a user and add a .forward file that pipes the e-mail to a script which access the Asterisk Manager interface or something of the like. There’s lots of tutorials on both.

    Good luck!

  • What you need is procmail. This allows you to trigger a script when an e-mail comes in. It’s probably already installed so, as a starter, try

    $ man procmail

  • I will take a look at it and certainly look at all the other suggestions as well.

    Thanks to all for your response.

    joe a.

  • Already implemented Email to Fax in ICTFAX using both sendmail and drupal mail handler module , you need to modify Fax part with Voice call

    *Tahir Almas*

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