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It seems the SNOM Phones are requesting to have SRTP but I do not have the module res_srtp.

I tried to compile it with Asterisk 1.8, make menuselect, but I found that it can not be used (I am not able to select it) with the following details:

Depends on: srtp E
Can use: N/A
Conflicts with: N/A

So, how I can use it?
What I have to do to know the reason for not being able to use it?

From the other side, if I succeeded to compile the res_srtp and having it as supported channel on asterisk 1.8, the question is: it will be supported for SNOM or there will be a conflict?

Regards Bilal

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  • Things not compiling despite their dependencies apparently being satisfied is almost always a sign of a missing developers’ package (and since you’re building software from source, you’re considered a developer). If you’re using Debian or Ubuntu, try

    $ sudo apt-get install libsrtp0-dev

    If you’re using some RPM-based distro, they typically use -devel as a suffix to indicate developers’ packages. Check your repository.

  • Dear AJS;

    I have fedora core 14 and I did “yum install libsrtp-devel” and it is already existed, the only thing happened that it updated it.


    Again, I did make menuselect and the same problem, I am not able to select the SRTP to include it in the compilation.

    Any advise to be able to have this module?

    Regards Bilal