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Hi all,

I would like to know, is there a way to trigger Asterisk after data inserted into mysql DB? Like here what I’m trying to do, when the new data inserted into MySQL DB, it sends the request to Asterisk along with the new data (that is inserted in DB) for making outbound call i.e. Realtime.

Currently I’ve set a cron job that execute my script every 30 seconds and checks for a new data in DB. If new data is inserted in 30 seconds that script will run and sends the data to Asterisk for making calls. (This is the case which I’m thinking to avoid)

Please advise.

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  • It looks like the answer is yes.

    From the page, here is code to execute a UDF library and call a shell. Clearly there would be a heavy penalty to launching a shell so you would want to carefully evaluate the frequency this is executed on your system.
    |CREATE| |TRIGGER| |Test_Trigger |
    |AFTER| |INSERT| |ON| |MyTable |
    |FOR| |EACH ROW |
    |||DECLARE| |cmd ||CHAR||(255);|
    |||DECLARE| |result ||int||(10);|
    |||SET| |cmd=CONCAT(||’sudo /home/sarbac/hello_world ‘||,||’Sarbajit’||);|
    |||SET| |result = sys_exec(cmd);|


  • David

    The way we do this is to have a trigger insert into a batch table. This table can be polled from a secondary process. That process/service is responsible for monitoring, working and cleanup. This allows for you to poll a highly optimized table without taking the db performance hit from larger tables that will grow over time. We process millions of cdr and process records a day this way. It also allows you balanced process loads across multiple servers. This can be extremely important on systems that are more heavily loaded. It also allows you to remove process load and latencies from the database servers.


    Bryant Zimmerman (ZK Tech Inc.)
    616-855-1030 Ext. 2003


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