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Hi, I just realize in these few days there are many calls that already hangup but not detected by Asterisk. Those calls occupy PSTN lines and need to be manually terminated through Flash Operation Panel or phycally disconnect the PSTN lines. This never happen before but as long as I can remember, there are no change in configuration.

Any ideas how to solve this?

Thanks 🙂


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  • If you are using analogue phone lines in some country that uses a British-
    style telephone system (line wires called “A” and “B”, not “tip” and “ring”;
    polarity reversal before ringing; double ring on incoming call), then by design only the calling party can terminate a call once established. If someone rings you and you hang up but they stay on the line, you will still be connected to them if you later pick up the phone — the call is only disconnected once the calling party hangs up.

    Asterisk is aware of this, and takes steps to mitigate it. The fix is simply to make sure you specify the correct country in your DAHDI configuration.

  • Hi AJS,

    Thank you for your reply , I am using this in IRAN so please guide me what to do and and explain me more. Look forward to hearing from your side. Regards, Mehdi

  • Unfortunately I am not familiar with the Iranian telephone system. You might have to search for relevant technical standards documentation.

    For a start, try setting your location to UK — and if it behaves a bit better, that will be your problem.