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I am currently using AsteriskNow v2.

What I am trying to accomplish is having all calls from an area code go directly to the person responsible for that area. While searching for a solution for this I did come across a post that had a few examples. So Josh at extension 1902 would receive all calls from the 808 area code.

exten => s,1,GotoIf($${CALLERIDNUM:0:3}” = “808?1902|1)

While asterisknow uses freepbx to control the config files. Where and how would I go about putting this into freepbx or another loaded config file that where something like the above would work. Thanks,

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  • That’s valid, and we use this methodology:

    exten => (pattern match destination)/_800NXXXXXX,1,Voicemail….etc

    You will usually get better answers for those products by going to lists and forums dedicated to them. I don’t think anyone here uses those.

  • Josh,

    You may want to look into using extensions_custom.conf along with Custom Extensions, Custom Destinations, Miscellaneous Applications, and Miscellaneous Destinations.

    Regards, Vladimir