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Dear list,

sometimes my network receives a large DDoS (packet flood, attack) that I
manually block after a few minutes or it just stops by itself. As soon as the attack stops, the network is fine again, ping is back to normal, traffic levels fine again, enough bandwidth etc. During the DDoS a MP3
stream that I listen to via MusicOnHold will become interrupted, like music-silence-music-silence and so on, which is normal because of the DDoS and packet loss. However, the stream does not return “back to normal” after the DDoS is finished. Even minutes or hours later, its either still interrupted like described above, or there is complete silence. I’m calling mpg123 like this:

/usr/bin/mpg123 -q -r 8000 -b 0 –mono -s http://stream.url

I tried to kill the mpg123 processes (there are different streams) and also the shell script that calls them from MoH, but that doesnt change anything, although the processes get restarted. The only thing that helps is a total Asterisk restart, so I suppose the “issue” is within Asterisk in some strange way.

Isn’t that strange? Does anyone have an idea?

Thank you!