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Hi, has anyone tried Asterisk on arm processors? how is the performance?
have encountered problems in the compilation?

Thanks, Regards.

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  • Hi,

    I installed Asterisk 1.6.1 on Fedora 11 on SheevaPlug. I had to modify Makefike because The kernel architecture “armv5tel” was not recognized. I didn’t check the performance,but within 2 simultaneous connections, I worked well.


    2012/9/1 Carlos Chavez :

  • Yeah, I used Asterisk on ARM Cortex8 processors for an embedded board, Zoom OMAP35x.

    Well, it was an experimental setup to create a custom Asterisk channel. So I can’t tell you about the performance in production deployment.

    Yes, occasionally. Since cross compiler was used there were several issues, like setting the appropriate environment variables, customizing Makefiles and such. But Timesys’ Factory <> provided a kind of SDK for embedded system development. It worked well I think.

  • I had problems on the Raspberry, like stuttering calls (just in between the calls), maybe it was because of call recording but I would expect one call recording to be not too much. However I used the packages from the repo, maybe compiling it yourself and leaving out unnecessary stuff gives beter performance.


  • Guess this is what most people are doing by compiling only necessary stuff. Personally I find this is to much fidling and contraproductive. Just bought a small Atom System. Hope it works better.


  • Intel Atom has a whole lot of processing power as compared to RaspberryPi. Asterisk has modular approach do it dosen’t make any difference if you compile only necessary stuff. You can exclude modules in runtime also and it will serve you the same purpose.

    Regards, Qasim

  • Have run asterisk up to 1.4 using openembeded on several arm boards in the past. In general works well with sip/iax calls with minimum or no transcoding.
    (i think you could do a couple of g729 channels on the RasPi, haven’t tested though)
    For call recording that someone mentioned i think its going to be very difficult regardless of stripping or custom compiling to achieve any good results as it needs lots of resources and heavy i/o which bogs things down.