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I’m in the following usecase:

A customer calls in to an Asterisk box and the call is answered by an employee. During this call, the employee has to set the CDR(accountcode)
for the channel from his phone. Is this possible with asterisk?

What I’ve tried so far is to add a dynamic feature in the
[applicationmap] section of features.conf which executes a Macro (I know it’s not recommended according to the comment in the sample config file). Executing this macro works, but when using the Read application asterisk does not hear the DTMF digits I enter.

Anyone else ran into the same situation and has any recommendations?



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  • More information please – Asterisk version and are you using realtime?

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  • Is realtime an option for you to install?

    If it is you could develop a web interface that allows you to put the customer account number in, or even integrate it into your existing customer management system. Depending on the scale of what you’re doing though, this might be overkill.

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  • Andrew,

    Realtime is not an option actually. We have a whole system built up that generates configuration files.

    The primary goal is to let the user directly change the channel variable with his phone, while in conversation, or with a short interruption of the call.

    If that isn’t possible, an AMI call will be just fine. I’d just like to make sure it is not possible on the phone itself first.



  • 31 aug 2012 kl. 09:18 skrev Frederic Van Espen :

    There is a “hidden” feature for SNOM phones in the SIP channel. They have a way to send a client code during the call (made for lawyers) and that will end up in the CDR.