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Hi all,

After making a nice demo-setup for one of our innivationmanagers, he came up with a completely different stratagy ;-(

They want to have an Ejabberd server, with XMPP-clients. When you see a contact coming online, just point and click for making a phone call.

Sounds/looks nice and do-able, but there is one catch:
-incoming / outgoing call towards corporate pstn (E1)
-incoming / outgoing call towards public pstn (E1)
-incoming / outgoing call towards GSM (nanobts)

So does anybody any any thoughts about mixing/translating XMPP and SIP?
firstly: sip -> xmpp If i get an incoming call for user-A, i should be able to see the status of user-A, and if available, pass the call on to him.

SecondlyL xmpp -> sip So if i can define a “external-user-A” and let him login on ejabberd, he should indicate “xmpp-available”, and local people should be able to call him in that way.

Sounds rather complicated, i know…


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