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exten => h,n,set(CDR(llp)=${CHANNEL(rtpqos,audio,local_lostpackets)})

gives me the variable names have changed, however I couldn’t find an updated documentation or understand from the mail reply, what I have to change in the example above. So, can somebody please tell me where to get an updated documentation or how to fix my problem? I am using Asterisk

Thanks 🙂

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  • Thank you Eric, but this is still the old documentation:

    would be correct

    2012/8/24 Eric Wieling

  • This is what the chan_sip code will accept in the third parameter position:


    It also will accept nothing or “all”.


  • Thank you richard, now I understand and it works, except that all only gives

    Do you know if there is a updated documentation anywhere?
    I can guess what most of the fields are, but I am not an expert on these things 😉
    I especially have problems with the remote_x and local_x fields: if it’s prefixed with local, it means send from me to a client? or does it mean things that didn’t arrive locally, therefore send from client to me?
    tx should be always from me to client and rx the other way round, right?

    2012/8/24 Richard Mudgett

  • Looking at an older Channel documentation, it seems like the “all”
    parameter wasn’t adapted to the new, additional parameters. Will fill a bug report during the day.

    2012/8/25 Stefan at WPF