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Hello all,

how can I verify if Asterisk is connected to a database using the ODBC
connection I configured?

According to
(at the end of the page) “*odbc show” on the console should output an information about this. However, when I run “odbc show” on my asterisk console (, the output is:*

Thanks for any hint and best regards Stefan

5 thoughts on - Verifying If Asterisk Is Connected Using ODBC?

  • Doug, I have to admit I don’t really understand your answer, except for the maybe strange date 😉

    2012/8/19 Doug Lytle

  • Dough

    Here is an example from one of our production server. You can see the connection info in red. If you are not connected you don’t usually get that.

    ODBC DSN Settings

  • Stefan at WPF wrote:

    He was wondering if odbc show should display connections, his does not.
    Showing mine, would indeed indicate that it should. He hasn’t given enough information to go beyond that.


  • Ah, thank you, that example helped. I would have expected the output to be
    “Connected: No” instead of no output – the current way of (not) displaying it is somehow confusing.

    2012/8/19 Bryant Zimmerman