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Using Analog Phones

Hi folks,

A client wants to keep their old Inter-Tel KTS analog phones for budget reasons. Two questions:

1. How could they use these with FreePBX?
2. Would they be losing any features that they currently have with their analog PBX?


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Tech support

CDR Default Table Specification?

I am using adaptive ODBC and I would like to create a table for the default CDR fields build into Asterisk. I managed to find several third party resources, but no official resource including the table specification for the default CDR fields. Where can I officially find this table specification, therefore data types and lengths etc. for each field?

Thank you very much :-)

Enable CDR Logging?


I am currently trying to set up CDR logging. I got all the ODBC stuff for my mysql server set up, also checked there’s a connection using “odbc show”
in the Asterisk console:

Name: asterisk

I also created a table for the CDR logs:

This table is also referenced in /etc/asterisk/cdr_adaptive_odbc.conf.

Now, what is the next step?
1) Do I have to call any CDR function in my dialplan for the CDR logging to become really active?
2) Do I have to create more fields in my asterisk_cdr table manually? Guess it should all be done automatically? Would I have needed the ID field at all?

Thanks for any hint :-)

Best regards Stefan

New How-to Guide: Using Repro SIP Proxy For TLS With Asterisk

Given the limitations around Asterisk‘s TLS support, and all the benefits of using a SIP proxy, I’ve put together a rough guide about how to use the repro SIP proxy as a front-end for Asterisk connectivity with TLS peers:


It works for TLS from phones, but also for full federated SIP with any other SIP-enabled domain on the public Internet.

* repro does all the connectivity work (certificate validation, etc) and registration service

* Asterisk sits in the background and provides applications (voicemail, queues, etc)

Any feedback, questions or discussion about this is very welcome.

Verifying If Asterisk Is Connected Using ODBC?

Hello all,

how can I verify if Asterisk is connected to a database using the ODBC
connection I configured?

According to http://www.asteriskdocs.org/en/3rd_Edition/asterisk-book-html-chunk/installing_configuring_odbc.html
(at the end of the page) “*odbc show” on the console should output an information about this. However, when I run “odbc show” on my asterisk console (, the output is:*

Thanks for any hint and best regards Stefan