Using Analog Phones


Hi folks,

A client wants to keep their old Inter-Tel KTS analog phones for budget reasons. Two questions:

1. How could they use these with FreePBX? 2. Would they be losing any features that they currently have with their analog PBX?


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CDR Default Table Specification?


I am using adaptive ODBC and I would like to create a table for the default CDR fields build into Asterisk. I managed to find several third party resources, but no official resource including the table specification for the default CDR fields. Where can I officially find this table specification, therefore data types and lengths etc. for each field?

Thank you very much :-)

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Enable CDR Logging?



I am currently trying to set up CDR logging. I got all the ODBC stuff for my mysql server set up, also checked there's a connection using "odbc show" in the Asterisk console:

Name: asterisk

I also created a table for the CDR logs:

This table is also referenced in /etc/asterisk/cdr_adaptive_odbc.conf.

Now, what is the next step? 1) Do I have to call any CDR function in my dialplan for the CDR logging to become really active? 2) Do I have to create more fields in my asterisk_cdr table manually? Guess it should all be done automatically? Would I have needed…

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New How-to Guide: Using Repro SIP Proxy For TLS With Asterisk


Given the limitations around Asterisk's TLS support, and all the benefits of using a SIP proxy, I've put together a rough guide about how to use the repro SIP proxy as a front-end for Asterisk connectivity with TLS peers:

It works for TLS from phones, but also for full federated SIP with any other SIP-enabled domain on the public Internet.

* repro does all the connectivity work (certificate validation, etc) and registration service

* Asterisk sits in the background and provides applications (voicemail, queues, etc)

Any feedback, questions or discussion about this is very welcome.

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Verifying If Asterisk Is Connected Using ODBC?


Hello all,

how can I verify if Asterisk is connected to a database using the ODBC connection I configured?

According to (at the end of the page) "*odbc show" on the console should output an information about this. However, when I run "odbc show" on my asterisk console (, the output is:*

Thanks for any hint and best regards Stefan

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