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I have just installed one of these cards with the intention of using it to send text messages.

O2 and Vodafone PAYG SIM cards worked fine (couldn’t make calls or send texts before putting on some credit, obviously). Orange and Virgin PAYG SIMs keep showing “Network status: Not Registered”. I have not added any credit to these SIMs for fear of it still not working ()

I can’t get “smsq” working. However, I can send an SMS message using the “gsm send sms” command in CLI, and so by using something like

# asterisk -rx “gsm send sms 1 0xxxxxxxxxx \”Wibble\””

I can send a message to my own mobile.

However, when doing this, some characters are getting changed in transit! The
$ sign gets changed to ¤, the @ sign gets changed to ¡, [\]^_` get changed to
ÄÖÑܧ̣¿ and {|}~ get changed to äöñü. (Tried with 2 different phones and two different spans on the card, same result each time.)

This is reminiscent of the old days of dot-matrix printers, where DIP switches were used to select a national variant of a 7-bit ASCII charset. (Though, I’m not sure what country speaks such a mixture of Spanish and German …..)

Should I be looking for a setting somewhere to change the charset?

Or should I be thinking in terms of encoding the message as PDU, and sending the charset with the binary coded message?

On a separate note, I managed to get SMS reception working nicely by configuring an extension “sms” in the [from-gsm] context of my dialplan; this gets called, with channel variables ${SMSTXT} and ${SMSSRC} defined, whenever an SMS message arrives.

; ========== 8< ========== [from-gsm] ... exten => sms,1,NoOp(Incoming SMS)
exten => sms,2,AGI(sms_to_email.agi,${SMSTXT},${SMSSRC})
exten => sms,3,Hangup()
; ========== >8 ==========

The AGI script simply e-mails the SMS message text and sender’s number to me.


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