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I’m trying to monitor a Call Queue with BLF-button to see if there are calls inside the Call Queue.

This I have :


exten => 566,hint,Queue:voipq1

On the CLI I see :

566@908001-blf : Queue:voipq1 State:Unavailable Watchers 1

But when a call enters my queue “voipq1”, then my BLF-light stays green in stead of turning red or blinking red.

Is there something I’m missing to “monitor” a call queue ?

Kind regards, Jonas.

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  • Alec,

    I’ve seen this post. That’s why I thought it was possible. I’m using 1.8.11

    What is the difference between this post and asterisk 1.8.11 ?

    Kind regards, Jonas.

  • The patch hasn’t been accepted by the community, thus isn’t in asterisk trunk or any asterisk branches.


  • Thank you Alec.

    is there also some kind of manual on how I can use this “patch” ? I
    don’t want to mess up a perfect running system.

    Do you also know why it hasn’t been accepted ? Seems like this functionality is asked for on different forums. Wanting to watch a queue for calls is not that strange.

    Kind regards, Jonas.

  • Thank you Alec. If you’re asking how to apply this patch?
    Download patch to your working src directory

    cd /usr/src/asterisk patch -p0 < download.diff.txt make make install Not sure why? Maybe I didn’t promote it enough. Maybe my examples aren’t simple enough. Alec

  • The patch works perfectly to see if a person is in a queue. Taking that a little further, picking up the queue only works if an agent is ringing. However, when no agent is ringing, that’s where the pickup will fail. Directed Pickup can only pickup devices that are ringing.

    Is this senario a queue issue, or a directed pickup issue? I was unable to decide.

    In our use case, it hardly ever happens. The main use for us is the night bell queue, which is a dahdi extension with just a ringer, no handset, so always needs to be picked up.


  • In my case, I just want to see if there is a call waiting in a queue. Call pickup I’ve already worked around it (I store information in a MySQL DB to do the pickup).

    So I’m just looking on how to make a BLF-button blink or turn red, to show to my customer that there are still calls inside the queue waiting.

    Can I only apply on Asterisk 1.8.5 ? Or can I apply to my Asterisk
    1.8.11 also ?

    Thanks !


  • It’s 4 lines, plus 2 debug statements.

    I haven’t had time to see if it applies clean against 1.8.5. We are running it with 1.8 branch.


  • So I can just add these 4 lines to app_queue.c and this will give me the ability to use : exten => 566,hint,Queue:voipq1 ??

    Kind regards, Jonas.

  • the ability to use : exten => 566,hint,Queue:voipq1 ??

    Yes, then I assume you know that you need to compile etc.
    make menuselect
    make install


  • 2012/8/19 Alec Davis


    What about Queue logs ? How is a picked-up call logged ?

    Giving agents the capability to easily pickup a call, without beeing logged-in, is a big change with both positive and negative side effects. I would be curious to read opinions about that.

  • In general I would not use this for a “true” call-center with hundreds of agents, where it is the ACD’s responsibility to route calls to agents and there are strict policies on agent behavior, but I’m sure there are a number of cases where this could be useful (eg small call centers, internal service desks, receptionists, etc…). Just my two cents, l.

    2012/8/21 Olivier

  • The member that was being tried is recorded in queue_log. Not the device that pickedup the call. This has been queried on with a result of ‘will not fix’.

    Picking up a queue can be done without the use of a BLF hint, a ringing phone next to you is another hint. But I agree, in an organisation where the ACD is in total control, the dialplan code shouldn’t exist to allow pickup of a queue.

    Queue hints code has now been submitted to asterisk-11-beta2 and trunk.

    Alec Davis

  • Hello

    concerning this question of aug 2012, I am now using and it seems that the code of app_queue.c has changed.

    The function ast_devstate_changed() is no longer used. Can anyone tell me what it is replaced with ?

    Kind regards

    Op 18-08-12 om 12:42 schreef Alec Davis: