Grandstream VoIP Phones


Who else on the list is using them, particularly in a hosted environment? We've just decided to transition to them as our primary recommendation instead of the Cisco SPA series. We did it because of the value and feature set, like having an inexpensive phone with a small BLF, which a lot of customers asked for. I'm wondering if others have tips they've learned along the way, or any advice they want to offer. Also anyone using the advanced features like the browser for anything useful?

For those who haven't tried them, or who like us, didn't like their older models,…

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Has anyone experimented with increasing the DAHDI chunk size in improve fax reliability? If so, did it help, hurt, or not make any difference?

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Requiring Agent To Confirm Queue Calls Only When Forwarded To External Device


I'd like to allow my users to forward their calls using the forwarding feature on their SIP handsets and continue to receive Queue() calls. Currently I set the 'i' option in Queue() so that if a user forwards to their cell phone, or any other extension that has voicemail, the voicemail doesn't eat all the calls to the queue.

I'm aware that I can configure the queue to require agents to acknowledge the call. However, most of the calls go to internal devices where confirmation isn't necessary, so I'd like to avoid the extra inconvenience in that most common case.

What I'd…

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Fax Detect On Demand


Using Asterisk 1.8.mumble. We would like to use fax detect on demand.

Both chan_dahdi and chan_sip support setting fax detetect on a static basis, but no way I've been able to find to enable/disable it on demand in the dialplan.

In 1.4 we used the NVFaxDetect 3rd party app, but that no longer appears to be maintained.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Still Having CDR Problems.


Hi all,

I'm ironing out some remaining issues from a 1.6.x to 10.2.x upgrade.

I've been able to recover the ability to get CDR's in my Mysql database, but I had to unload and revert back to to get it to work... partially.

I really need to use adaptive cdr's because I'm trying to store jitter statistics and such.

If I unload cdr_odbc and load, I no longer get new cdr's.

My cdr_odbc.conf contains: ================================================[global] dsn => diehlnet username => user password => password pre-connect => yes loguniqueid=yes dispositionstring=yes ================================================ The diehlnet dsn refers to an ODBC datasource, so here is my…

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