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Thanks for sharing the link. Actually I’m looking for a different approach without installing/using third party i.e. a user sends an email to Asterisk
(which is also running mail service), as Asterisk receives the mail where the mail contains attachment and subject contains destination number, Asterisk will download the file and capture the number and later send fax to destination number just like ‘.call’ file.

Does anyone worked on this scenario? If yes/no, please let me know at earliest.

please check it. might be it will help

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  • it support email to fax and fax to email, you are looking for

    *Tahir Almas*

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  • About 4 years ago I made it (outbound faxing):
    I wrote a Perl script which fetched the message with PDF file from an external POP3 or IMAP box. (I did not succeed to use