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Revoking A TLS Certificat Created With Ast_tls_cert

Hi list,

is there an easy and proper way to revoke certificat created by the script ast_tls_cert? I always get a name error on the CN/ O/ subject …

VOIP Over Metro Ethernet

I’m looking for any pros/cons of running an Asterisk based PBX over a metro ethernet pipe. The system will have about 40 handsets and 6

Kind Regards, Chris

SIP Client That Supports T.38 Fax


I’m looking for SIP client that supports T.38 Fax other than zoiper.

Please advise at earliest.

SayUnixTime Quandry

Hi Gang,

Hopefully somebody out there has a “doh” for this one. My dialplan announces the date and time using SayUnixTime. When I run this:

exten => 36225,1,Set(ABA

Call In The Queue To Listen To The Channel

hello all,

I have call queue management system where all call comes in, put in the queue while the caller speak with the online support team / teacher. However, my major concern is those under MOH (in the queue) will not be able to listen to the teacher until their turns and this is required.

my Request, I want to make the teachers audio as the MOH and every new calls that comes in listen to the life channels with the teachers.

Any help will be highly welcome.


Virgin Meda VMDG280 And SIP Asterisk


We’ve got a client with a Polycom IP331 on Virgin Media behind a VMDG280 Router. Asterisk is in a data centre with a public IP.

According to the link below, there seems to be a fault with the router that blocks all SIP but the client doesn’t want to change it.


Looking at the SIP DEBUG on the server, Asterisk receives the packets from the IP331, but the Polycom doesn’t receive anything back from Asterisk. Port forwarding doesnt seem to help and theres no SIP ALG options on the webadmin of the router.

Has anyone successfully connected a SIP endpoint (Polycom IP331) with Asterisk on Virgin Media?

Kind regards,

Dan Journo Kesher Communications (UK)
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