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I have a profile in confbridge
and more…

Asterisk is reading it at startup.
[1;30m == ^[[0mParsing ‘/etc/asterisk/confbridge.conf’: ^[[1;30m =^[[0mFound
^[[1;30m ^[[ => (^[[0;33mConference Bridge Application^[[0m)

When I try to use it I get a warning about
WARNING[20678] app_confbridge.c: Conference bridge profile
MessageNetConfBridge does not exist

My dialplan looks like:
exten => new_app_confbridge,1,ConfBridge(${agi_pa_meetme}, MessageNetConfBridge)

Not sure how its not picking it up?

What did I miss?


One thought on - Question On App_confbridge

  • Clearly I have conf bridge:
    confbridge show profile bridge MessageNetConfBridge