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I just downloaded and compiled from source asterisk 10.7.0
after installing and running I tried to do a meetme, did not work. I looked in the apps/app_meetme* and there is only the C file, there is no .o seems like it did not compile.

Is that a new default behavior?

Looking for the trick to get it compiled?

DAHDI is installed my system and works fine.

I dont see anything meetme related in configure.

What did I miss?


4 thoughts on - Asterisk And Meetme

  • My bad – “make menuconfig” was not coming up as my window was too small, was confused as the help page I was on for asterisk 10 and meetme did not say anything about it being deprecated (as menuconfig does).

    So meetme is deprecated in asterisk 10. Looks like I need to move to app_confbridge.


  • What’s going to happen to SLA (which is heavily integrated with MeetMe)? Will the functionality be ported to ConfBridge?

    Thanks, Matt