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Hi There,

Is should be possible to CONFGURE Asterisk as a multi-tenant IVR server right? Like tweaking configuration to configure a multi-tenant PBX with Asterisk.


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  • I don’t know why you make a distinction between a multi-tenant IVR and a multi-tenant PBX. The IVR would just be in tenant contexts just like all other features.

  • Hi Carlos,

    The idea is this. We are planning to offer customized version of Asterisk for specialized purposes. When we offer hosted PBX, using multi-tenancy support, it is just going to be PBX, as opposed to a fully blown IVR. It will have automated attendant feature, but not IVR.

    In contrast, hosted IVR will have only one number dedicated to a business, and the business can maintain the call flow and sound files. The system will integrate with their CRM and offer personalized services to the customers of the business. And, of course, the system will have the support to connect to the PBX of the business, should the customer of the business selects to talk to the customer care agent of the business. That is our system won

  • In order to do CRM or other client-side application integration, you’ll need to create your own connectivity into Asterisk. The security in Asterisk’s remote interfaces isn’t great, and I’d say you need to develop some middleware that handles security and also makes it more robust. Letting the customers manage their changes would also require some interface you develop, and that part can get very complex because of things like dialplan reloading. We do not allow client access to our hosted PBX/IVR systems, so I can’t advise you on that.